Left Handed Scholarships Abound

If you are reading this then you are more than likely left handed. Surveys indicate that left handed people are part of the minority. Surveys indicate that as little as nine (9%) percent of people are left handed. Even though left handed people only account for 9 percent of the population, some of the most influential people were left handed. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Albert Einstein were all left handed. Usually left handed people have to accustom themselves with right handed tools and items. Here is one tool made avaliable by the government to help with the cost of college. You have more than likely exhausted every other source of financial aid; federal or school. There are alot of weird scholarships, minority scholarships, and wacky scholarships. Here is some information that can prove to be very beneficial for the left handed minority.

Survey Says: Education is Not Cheap

A good quality education can cost lots of money. It takes lots of time, energy, and effort so its to your benefit to go after left handed scholarships. All you have to be is adequately prepared. You are going to need to be able to provide some individual personal and business references to confirm your left handedness. You may also need to go through a series of test to prove that you are profecient in the use of the left hand. Most colleges that are offering awards for special stipulations also test you on leadership skills alongside academic skills. If you feel as if you are not leadership material, then take some time out of your day and ask someone to help you do something. Be creative, and have them write you a story or something that helps you work on leadership skills. Nothing hurts being prepared for a barriage of questions during the application process.

There are schools that may have the nerve to request for you to take a special test to prove to them the conclusion that you are indeed left handed. The series of test they use include writing test, drawing test, coloring test, and tracing test.

Getting Accepted to Left Handed Scholarships

Actually getting accepted for the Left Hand Scholarship is quite easy if you meet the requirements. The few conditions called for include being left handed, having leadership skils, and having good academic records. Even if you get denied, you can always re apply for the award. Also remember that the selection of students who recieve the award is at the discretion of the parties offering the Left Handed Awards. They may or may not contact you when you are eligible for the award, so continue to get ahold of them for a response since they have such a large volume of request each year.

Remember no one is going to give you a Left Handed Scholarship just because you are the minority. You have to be academically sound, you have to have leadership skills, and you have to be able to pass an assessment based on your academic abilities. This provides a much smaller offering of the award and makes it just that much more prestigious. It is anticipated that as the years come, there will be more and more people applying for such Left Handed Scholarships and Awards and the overhead admin of said grants are more likely to introduce measures that are alot more strict. As funds become limitied and participants increase every year, so being short listed for the left hand scholarship becomes harder each year.

Never expect more than $2,500.00 . Usually a student can expect anywhere from a thousand dollars to $2,500.00 . Sure a thousand dollars does not sound like alot, but If you think about it in terms of how many books it will pay for and for how long it will pay for the books makes the time it takes to get the grant well worth the benefit of the award. Because you are applying for a special grant designed for a minority which enables you to be in a special society, you get to reap the benefiets of various facilities specifically tailored to left handed peoples needs. Alot of schools today have started programs with left handed computers, as well as other various left handed tools.

One such college that provides such amnieties for left handed people is the Juniata college. The address for the colllege is http://www.juniata.edu , and the contact page is http://juniata.edu/contact/ . On the contact page includes such relevant information such as email address , phone number, and physical address. The most popular left handed scholarship avaliable is avaliable right here at the Juniata College and it is the Frederick and Mary Buckley Scholarship for left handed people. This award started in 1979 by Francis Buckley and the award is still available for left handed people. To get it you will have to apply directly to: Office of Student Financial Planning, Juniata College, 1700 Moore Street, Huntington, PA 16652. You can also walk into the College and talk to the Financial planning head about the Frederick and Mary Buckley Scholarship for left handed people.

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  1. Danyale S. Moore says:

    I’m left handed. Very intelligent, I enjoy alot of aspects in life.

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    Im a Lefty

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    I’m a lefty!

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    I want information about the scholoarship.

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    i am student at south atlanta

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    I am a left handed student and I think more colleges should offer the left handed scholarship.

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    I am very interested in the Left Handed Scholarship. How do I apply?

  8. Christina Atkinson says:

    I would love to receive a scholarship for being a part of the minority because of being left handed. Paying for school is not easy and even a unique scholarship like this one would be a great opportunity.


    Hello, I am lefthanded and would like to take this opportunity. Please contact me so I can start on my application process.

    Thank you


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    Where do I apply for this scholarship?

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    want to apply for lefthanded grant

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    im a lefty :)

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    I hate left-handed people. Righties Rule!!! Give me a right handed scholarship!

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